Sliding Driveway Gates  



Sliding Driveway Gates

Are you looking for ways to protect your property with sliding driveway gates?

sliding driveway gatesWe all want to live in peace and also to provide the best protection for our home and property. That is why there is a need for driveway protecting gates. These gates are designed to not only protect but to provide aesthetic appeal along with functionality. Sliding driveway gates are used to restrict the access of unwanted vehicles and human interference. These gates are available in the market by their different cost, color, size, shape, materials and technological supports. Sliding driveway gates move from side to side travelling on a ground mounted steel track. The gate rolls on a track supported by wheels. Sliding gates offer security without the use of a lot of internal space.

Sliding Driveway Gates Costs

These driveway gates swing forward or backward as well as slide to slide. There are many types of styles to choose from and all vary on the price and the area that is being protected. The cost of the gates varies according to materials and specification.  In the US the price ranges starting from 750$ to 2999$. A swing driveway gate is typically less expensive than a sliding gate. Though they can be about the same size and made of the same material, it's the mounting and operation that can change the cost the most. For sliding driveway gates you need a track and rollers, while swinging gates only need hinges. A swing gate is the most maintenance free type of gate, especially if it's a manual gate. Then there's no motor or electronics to worry about. A sliding gate, however, requires a track that's clean. If any kind of debris like sand or leaves gets into the track it can stop the gates from sliding freely and even cause them to derail. Brushes can be purchased to sweep the track each time the gates open, eliminating this problem.

Sliding Driveway Gates Materials and Quality

wooden sliding driveway gateSteel, wrought iron and copper raise are used in the manufacture of sliding driveway gates. It’s more durable. Other materials including Aluminum can be used as well. Wooden sliding driveway gates and its price value depend on the types of wood which are used. With many other products, the cost of these sliding driveway gates will be dependent on width and height. The gate can be single, twin directional moving or unidirectional moving types. Other mods that are available to these sliding driveway gates are enhancements such as: added light features in the gates for aesthetic and decorative purposes and the use of CC cameras, simple battery or conventional electrically operated systems, solar-powered systems are also available. Other options include: card-activated system, telephone-operated speaker with buzzer, intercoms, and keypads. Another popular feature for these gates is a photoelectric sensor, sometimes known as a "photo-eye." These devices employ light beams that, if interrupted, prevent gates from closing. Photo-eyes may be desirable in situations to avoid potential injury in which unsupervised children or pets may wander near gates. These extras will add additional costs to your gate. Sliding driveway gates will save space as it overlaps on the surrounding walls of the facility but gates that swing open will require more clearance space to allow the gate to open.

Sliding Driveway Gates and How it Works

Most manufacturers currently offer two types of sliding gates. The better-known type utilizes wheels on the ground to slide the gate open. The gate rests on top of the wheels. However, many people today prefer a cantilevered-type gate which is suspended over the ground. The wheels on the cantilevered type are affixed to a third bar placed at mid-section on the gate, which is then attached to another part of a section of fence or wall.

sliding driveway gates entranceSliding driveway gates require little room to operate. Nonetheless, the ground does have to be level enough to allow the gate to slide freely. If you have fencing, then the gate simply slides open parallel to the fencing. Any shrubs or other objects may have to be moved. Conversely, a swing gate takes a lot of space to operate. If your driveway is 12 feet or less across, then a single swing gate is recommended. You'll need clearance on the opening side so that it can open all the way (gates should open toward your property instead of out unless it is impossible to do otherwise) and enough room for cars to pull off the road while waiting for the gate to open.

If the gate has to open outward, then there has to be enough room for cars to pull off the road to wait while sitting far enough back to allow the gate to open. For wider driveways, double swing gates are recommended. These take less room to open than a single gate.

Suitable for residential homes, light commercial security and industrial applications, sliding driveway gates can be fitted to existing or new driveways, but not cobble stones or tarseal. Depending on the manufacturer, custom made and manual or automated options are available. Thus, you should carefully examine different options to choose a gate that best meets your security and budgetary needs.