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Oak Driveway Gates

oak driveway gatesWooden driveway gates are popular because of their majestic finish and durability over many of the other materials in vogue for such gates. However, the oak driveway gates pretty much take the cake in most cases, when it comes to the wooden gates for anyone’s home. This is because the oak is among the most versatile and durable of timbers, which are available anywhere and they have found their way into human uses in more ways than most other timbers. Moreover, this timber is more suitable for a finer finish as per the needs of its users compared to other types of timber. The oak driveway gates are available in a variety of designs ranging from elegant ones for estates and cottages to designs meant for enhanced security. Users can choose from the electric gates that come fitted with equipments, which make it possible to open and close the gates with the push of a button. More advanced models come with added features such as intercom and sensors for detecting movement of cars near the gate. Thus, there is no dearth of choices when it comes to buying driveway gates made from Oakwood. 

Oak Driveway Gates Prices

One of the downside of the Oakwood being so versatile in nature is the added premium associated with it. Thus, it is quite common for the timber alone to cost more than all the other aspects of the gate including parts and installation charges combined. The price for the oak driveway gates usually starts in the region of a couple of thousand dollars, even though the products on offer at such a low price are quite basic. The more popular models come at a price of over $5000 and the price can climb as high as $20,000. However, the gates at the higher end of the price bracket usually include the cost of equipments required for making it automated. The online stores and many top retailers offer great prices for these oak driveway gates. 

Oak Driveway Gates Popularity

wooden oak driveway gates The Oakwood is popular as a premium item and gates made from them are bound to leave a sense of regality on the houses installed. They also allow for great finishes, which makes them more attractive and elongates their service life. Option for variety of finishes makes these gates suitable for houses with softer natural settings. Thus, oak driveway gates can be the best choice for any house set amidst lush fields or gardens. They are the sort of accessory that will inevitably lend an air of classiness to the house exteriors of their owners, and make them an investment well made.